20 ways to increase traffic to your blog

Writing great content is one thing but how to go about getting that content out there, found by more people, showing up prominently in Google and being shared around is another thing all together. There are many strategies you can implement to get more eyes on your page, more interaction and became a leader in your area of expertise. Here are just a handful of simple tips to start you off. Work your way through the list and pop back in and let us know how you went.

Get noticed by Google

  1. Set up Google analytics
  2. Set up Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Submit a site map to Google Webmaster Tools. Create a site map and then install it – here is a WordPress Plugin or some instructions if you are using Blogger.
  4. Claim your Google Authorship
  5. Get active on Google Plus, here is a great article for further reading

Content is key

  1. Create a post schedule, plan out what you want to write and offer to your readers. Don’t post because you have a deadline though, post because you have something great to say. You can’t build a sustainable thriving community if you have dull content. Here is a free blog planner to get you started.
  2. Create great content! Write content that is of value to your audience and will prompt them to share, bookmark it and return to it later on. Create helpful, informative, motivational, inspiring, hard-hitting and well-researched content.  Rather than trying to pump out a post every day, why not try to offer your readers a much more useful, researched post that they will come remember and return to for future reference.
  3. Show off your content with great images. Use images that are high quality, entice people to pin your content on Pinterest and try out creating info-graphics such as this.
  4. Headlines are a deal breaker. Create something catchy! Here are 5 easy tricks to get you started.
  5. Interview someone your audience know well. They will likely share your content and it’s a great way to network and learn from the best. Here is a recent one i did that readers loved.

Get active on social media networks and build up your own

  1. Get active on social media relevant to your niche – FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Delicious
  2. Add social media follow icons to your blog. Some great services are Share This, and Add This or you can create custom buttons.
  3. Add social media share icons to your posts and pages so readers can easily share your content. You can use Share ThisAdd This and Flare (WordPress).
  4. Create an email subscriber data base and focus on building this up. Place prominent ‘sign up’ areas on your blog, offer a sign-up special offer (such as a free resource, coupon, exclusive content ect) as this is a great way to entice people to sign up. Keep your emails from being spammy or irrelevant as people will unsubscribe and delete them. Offer them great information and keep them coming back for more.
  5. Create a fluid branding image across all your social media platforms so you are easily recognised and remembered by people. Here is a Facebook page makeover you can start out with.

Network, network, network

  1. Approach other bloggers and websites with guest post articles or submit article briefs.
  2. Make contact with successful bloggers in your niche / location and build a relationship. Your could do an interview with them or a blogger meet-up in your area.
  3. Join online blogging communities and start chatting and networking with people in your niche.
  4. Attend blogging events. There are some great blogging events in Australia that have started up in recent years, such as ProBlogger and Digital Parents Conference as well as many others. Try and get along to one to network and learn all your can, they are invaluable for forming some great relationships that can be very beneficial long-term.
  5. Join up with Social Callout and Source Bottle so you can respond to callouts and submit articles to relevant websites in your niche.

This list is by no means comprehensive, it is just some bite-size tips that you can implement that are sure to make a difference.




I would love to hear what your favourite strategies are or ones that have worked very well for you in the past?



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