2014 Blog Planner – Get organised with this simple, comprehensive planner!

When it comes to running a blog there is so much behind the scenes that goes on. After blogging for a few months i very quickly realised that i needed some kind of planner to keep track of everything, jot down ideas and plan out my vision for the year. I wanted something that was dateless and could be used over and over again with a clean simple design that was uncluttered so i could add my own touch to it. I didn’t find what i was after online so i created my own and regularly add new pages as the need for them arises.

You can get a copy of my planner as an instant PDF printable download.

UPDATE 2015 – this planner has now been retired. You can check out the latest version here. 

How to use the planner

It is designed to be printed in A4 format and used in a folder or a binder.

Each printable is dateless so that this planner can be used year after year and started easily at anytime throughout the year.

I would love to see how you use your planner. Send some images to hello@bloggersbazaar.com.au or use the hashtag #BBblogplanner on Instagram.

Here is an overview of what’s inside –

MY BLOG IN A NUTSHELL // a blog overview sheet to keep at the front of your planner so your blogging goals, mission and vision are always at the forefront of your mind. This will help you stay on track and refer to and revise when you feel like you are loosing focus.

MY DAY WORKSHEET // a simple daily worksheet to help you prioritise tasks, write a to do list and plan out your time and how to effectively use it. You can use this each day or for a whole week depending on how much you wish to or are able to achieve each week.

MY DAILY TASKS // this is a simple list of tasks that you can set yourself each day / week that will remain the same and need to be done on a regular basis. Some examples may be – reply to all emails in inbox, clean up my inbox, social media updates, add new members to be newsletter database, complete one niggling task ect.

WEEKLY POST PLANNER // plan out your posts for each coming week and mark off when they are published and shared on social media. (F = facebook, T = Twitter, P = Pinterest, I = Instagram, G = Google+)

MONTHLY CALENDAR // create a monthly plan of your posts, upcoming series, sponsored post spots, seasonal posts and future events. The calendar is dateless so you can fill in the month and week days to suit that month so the calendar can be used for any month you choose.

FUTURE POST IDEAS // a simple list to record all those bright sparks of inspiration that pop into your head for future posts. Also record tasks and goals for the future.

STATISTICS TRACKER // if you blog professionally or just want to keep track of how your blog is growing, jot down your stats monthly so you can see how your blog is growing over the year. This information is great to use for media kits, advertising packages and PR agencies who often request your stats when choosing to work with you.

USERNAME & PASSWORD KEEPER // a simple way to keep track of the masses of usernames and passwords you accumulate these days with the many programs, servies and websites you are a part of.

LINK PARTIES // there are many link parties around the web so here you can record a few that you wish to participate in throughout the week. Mark off when you have posted your blog post and record party details and website information.

ADVERTISING // record details of people that are advertising on your website or interested in upcoming spots. You can also use this form to record advertisements that you are running on other websites and blogs.

BLOG MAINTENANCE // there are always bits and bobs to attend to on your blog. With a helpful checklist you can take note of all the things that need your attention.

GUEST POSTING // record details of people that you are in contact with and collaborating with on guest posts on your own blog and on other blogs.

SEASONAL & HOLIDAY POSTS // plan out all of the yearly holidays and events that you wish to blog about such a Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, and Christmas. It is great to plan posts in advance for these large seasonal and holiday periods.

AFFILIATE DETAILS // keep track of all your affiliate details in one place and record the website where you login to your account as this is often different to the company website.

AFFILIATE MONTHLY SALE FIGURES // record your monthly sale figures from your affiliate links. Track weather you have received your payments and what affiliate programs are the most successful for you.



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