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If you are a blogger, you no doubt have some kind of content plan, whether it’s a comprehensive one written out and followed or a looser looking plan that maybe you don’t even have written down. Whatever stage you’re at with content planning, this tool makes it super simple and allows you to drag and drop posts on an editorial calendar plus share these posts directly to your social media networks in an incredibly easy and brilliant way.

CoSchedule allows you to schedule your blog posts and your social media messages all in one go so that when a post goes live the social media plan you have set up gets dripped out from the time you post, and then in the days and months following. This is incredibly effective for increasing traffic to your site.

Another key feature is that when you drag your posts around in the editorial calendar, your social media messages move along too so there is no need to change post dates ect as you would need to with external social media tools.

Take a took at this video to get an idea of how it works –

Some of the features that I love

Ties in seamlessly with WordPress

You can access the CoSchedule tool in a web app environment but also in your own WordPress admin area and the social media sharing tools appear below all of your blog posts in your WordPress admin. I love this as it means one less external service I need to log into and use as it’s all in one place and designed really well so a big thumbs up for this feature!


A Calendar tab is added to your WordPress sidebar and from here you can easily access your editorial calendar.


When you write a blog post, a CoSchedule area appears below all your posts and shows you social shares on your published posts and on your unpublished posts you can set up your social media messages so that when the post goes live your social media scheduling begins. I love being able to write a post and schedule all social messages within the one area.

Allows you to set up blog task lists

For years i have been using my own blog post ‘task list’ so I was excited to find that this was a feature built into CoSchedule. You can set up a variety of task lists and assign them to your blog posts. For example I have a main task list that I assign to all my draft posts  – it’s like a workflow of what needs to be achieved before the post is ready to go live. My list includes – title, images created for post and social media, keywords set, SEO completed, categories and tags assigned ect.

You can also set up task lists for other people so you may hand a post over to a virtual assistant to finish off and you can create task list that they need to complete.

Allows you to colour code, search and filter easily

The calendar has a great colour coding and filtering system and allows you to add in a variety of blog post authors if you work within a team and you can easily filter all your posts according to the author.

There is a section for all your draft posts and you can drag and drop it throughout your calendar and plan out when the posts are due and set yourself deadlines. You can also do some great searches throughout your calendar.

The calendar is fully customisable in the settings section – you can choose what day the calendar starts, the colour of the calendar, timezone and then hook in with your key social media platforms.

Reschedule old blog content

We spend so long crafting great posts that eventually get lost within our blog archives once some time has past. CoSchedule allows you to go back through your old posts and easily set up a social media sharing schedule that can occur immediately / within days / weeks / months or custom dates. This means that you can easily share your older posts which is so helpful, especially if you have evergreen content on your blog as I do.

View social media influence at a glance

Logging on to Google Analytics or whatever sharing tool you use to check out how many times your posts have been shared can take time and the info may not be that easily to find if you are not familiar with analytics. CoSchedule has a great little dashboard section when you log in that shows you your top posts and the total shares across all your social media. You can also view the social influence of each of your blog posts by clicking into the post and viewing the CoSchedule area beneath the post.

This is such a great feature as it allows me to quickly see what readers are loving on my site and also filter what people have been sharing within a specific time period. If you are ever stuck for ideas about what to post on, checking out these kind of stats is a great prompt about what your audience would no doubt like to hear more about.


There are lots more features, you can check out a video of the top five features here.

How much does it cost?

CoSchedule starts at $10 per month for a basic plan and there are higher plans if you are working in bigger teams or require more a more comprehensive suite of features. You can check out the free trial to see if it’s for you and there are some great ways you can save money through recommending the product or writing a review like this one.

I always do a lot of research about products that I have to pay for, read reviews and always test out using the trials if I can as I only want to commit to a product that I really feel is worth the money, saves me time and that I will actually use. This tool helps me drive a lot more traffic to my blog and saves me a heap of time so I am definitely a fan and happy to pay for it.


Things that could be improved or added

  • I would love to see Pinterest integrated as one of the social media sharing options. This would mean I could do every part of my social sharing and scheduling within a blog post when I write it so I hope this feature will be added.
  • A mobile app would be a great addition so that I could easily use CoSchedule when I am out and about or blogging from my phone.
  • When there are a lot of posts and social media messages scheduled the calendar can look a little bloated and harder to navigate.

Give it a go

If you think CoSchedule may be something that would help you blog better and smarter, check out the free trial or sign up here.

*If you sign up using this link I will receive a referral credit from CoSchedule, thanks for your support! If you would prefer that I didn’t you can sign up here –

I would love to hear from you, have you tried this out before or are you a long term user? How have you found it?


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