Facebook Advertising Commandments You Shouldn’t Ignore – Part 2


Last week we brought you three great Facebook advertising commandments and as promised, here are three more that will see you well on your way to creating a successful Facebook advertising strategy.

Thou Shall Read Facebook’s Ad Guidelines

Reading Facebook’s guidelines for paid ads may not be the most exciting way to kill time…but you must, unless you want Facebook to reject your ads or worse ban your account.

This isn’t some scare tactic: The biggest social network around takes their guidelines seriously and has a team that manually checks and reviews ads daily. If they spot something that’s not within their guidelines, your ad will not be published.

Here are some rules you better adhere to if you want your ad to see the light of day:

• Your destination URL must function properly in ALL browsers. Yes, that includes Internet Explorer even if many seem to hate it.

• Your ads may not direct users to landing pages that trigger pop-up and pop-unders when someone enters or exits the page.

• Your ad copy must describe and represent the advertised brand or product in an accurate and non-misleading way. No unsubstantiated claims especially (but not limited to) when it comes to price, performance, results, etc.

Facebook’s guidelines page is quite lengthy and updated each time the social network makes changes to their ad platform. Don’t jeopardize your ads. Read their guidelines by clicking here and make sure all of your bases are covered.

Thou Shall Set An Appropriate Budget

Imagine this: you’re at your desk setting up a new Facebook ad campaign. Almost everything has been ironed out: the ad image, copy, audience demographics, other targeting options…and then you’re hit with the question: “How much should I allocate for this campaign?”

Sure, you can go as low as $5/day but we’re talking about the budget for the whole campaign and its goals. So before deciding on a budget first ask the question: “What is my goal for this ad campaign?”

If your goal is to add a certain number of fans to your page, Jon Loomer – a Facebook advertising expert and blogger – has a good rule of thumb to follow: expect to spend $0.05 to $1.00 for every Facebook fan.

So if you want to rake in 10,000 more fans to your page, you must have a budget of $5,000 to $10,000. But that’s not all! There are other questions you have to consider and answer especially if your goals go beyond mere Likes and fans for your page according to Loomer.

Here are some:

• What’s Your Facebook Presence Like? An established Facebook presence always helps especially if your goal is to drive sales. The more fans you have, the more people who’re likely to click and buy your product.

• What Niche Are You In? If your niche is within the entertainment industry, your budget may last longer and bring better results as costs per conversion (click, Like, opt-in, etc.) tend to be lower compared to niches in “boring” industries like insurance, criminal defence, financial planning, and others.

• What’s Your Product? If your goal is to sell your product, there will be other factors involved, such as the price of your product. If your product is a bit on the higher end, you should increase your Facebook advertising budget as well.

Thou Shall Use “Pages To Watch” To Spy On Competitors

Unless you’re in a very obscure, tight niche, you’ll probably find your competitors on Facebook – and that’s actually a good thing!


Having competitors on Facebook mean a couple of things:

1. Your audience is on the social network and
2. You can study your established competitors, see what’s working for them, and copy those steps to success.

Enter Facebook’s Pages To Watch feature!

This feature found in Insights lets you keep an eye on your competitors’and similar niche pages– allowing you to compare their activity, engagement, and audience growth to your own. “Pages To Watch” lets you:

• See the type of content they’re posting
• How often they post on their page
• When they post to maximize engagement
• And their results

You can easily create a list of up to 100 pages to watch as long as your page has 100 to 10,000 fans – and you’re not even required to Like pages to monitor them!

Here’s how to access and set up Pages To Watch:

• Go to Facebook Insights and click on Overview.
• Scroll down the screen all the way to the Add Pages section.
• You’ll be initially asked to select at least 5 pages to watch.
• Add more pages by clicking on the Add Pages button, search for the page’s name, and click Watch Page to add it to your list.

Watching 100’s of pages is overkill, but it’s advisable to watch more than 5 pages that are in your niche or industry. Keeping a larger list makes it easier to notice trends and topics that your audience finds interesting and engaging.

Bonus Tip: Get a better idea of what type of content your fans love by finding and watching pages they’re currently a fan of.

These pages may not be related to your niche, but keeping an eye on those lets you see what kind of content your fans want to see. Here’s how to find those pages:

• Log in to your personal profile.
• Type in “pages liked by people who like [your page name]” in the search box.
• The search results will show all the other pages that your audience likes.

We would love to hear from you! What has worked for you on Facebook? Any extra top tips you would like to add?

Author bio – Richard Kao is the Director of Sales and Shareholder for COS Group. Richard has been in the industry for over ten years and specialises in creating bespoke document management solutions. Richard hold a BA (Hons) in Business management and a MSc in Business Systems.


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