Bloggers Bazaar is a haven for digital storytellers. It’s a comprehensive resource for bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs carving out their own unique paths online.

Finding its feet in 2013, Bloggers Bazaar was launched as a one-stop shop resource full of practical tips, tricks and tutorials for budding and professional bloggers.

The aim here is to give you the tools you need, point you to resources you will love and save you copious amounts of time scouring the internet for these tools yourself. Yes please!

Here you will find a bucket load of information packaged up into a simple, comprehensive, killer resource that you can come back to time and time again plus a thriving community of bloggers to hook in with.


  • I believe every person, full of their own quirks and brilliance, has something unique to bring to the table and this can often be turned into a blog or business that encompasses all you love and the life you want to live.
  • I believe that the possibilities available to you online are endless. If you are committed to knuckling down, honing in on your message and keeping your goals emblazoned in your mind, you can bring something pretty special to life. I’ll show you how!
  • I believe that making money doing something you love on your own terms is pretty awesome. You deserve to be paid but it takes time and dedication to find your tribe and loyal listeners who respect what you have to say. So hang in there, making money won’t happen overnight but stick around and you may be surprised.
  • I believe that you can work smarter, not harder and achieve the same results. I’m a mum of three little ones so this is key to how I work because as any mum knows, finding time to do things you love can be pretty precious and rare so let’s maximise that sweet sweet time all we can!
  • I believe you no longer need to be strapped to a desk or need to follow the conventional system of working for the man to be successful. Throw convention out the window and blaze your own path to success.
  • I believe you don’t need a stack of time, if you have a few hours a week or hours to pour into your own venture, whatever it is, start with what’s in your hand and run with that.
  • I believe success looks different for everybody. You may just want to share your message and connect with others, earn a few hundred bucks each week or to turn your online venture into a thriving business that you invest all your time into, whatever success looks like for you, keep this at at forefront of your mind.
  • Lastly and most importantly, comparison can be crippling so run your own show. Close those other tabs and create your own space that oozes you!



Any of this resonate with you? Come join me, I would love to invite you in, check out what you are doing and cheer you along the way however I can.

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.

I’m a wife to an amazing guy and together we have three little ones. A brand new bubba girl, a little two year old boy full of spunk who never stops and a gorgeous, strong-willed four year old girl. Being a mum of three is certainly busy, chaotic at times but I love it and remind myself daily at how fast the time is flying by and that the house won’t always look like a cyclone just tore through it. 

We live on the Gold Coast in QLD. It’s such a beautiful place to live and raise kids. I stay home with my kids and intend to do so indefinitey. I love working from home, being my own boss and exploring new ideas and avenues to earn my own income in the pockets of time I have free.

Pre kiddies I worked as a social worker for kids in need. It’s something I’m very passionate about and I love working in my community and through my church to continue doing this kind of work. 

I love making things. DIY is where it’s at. There is so much satisfaction in making something from scratch and mastering new skills. I’m also a bit of a computer nut as well and love the online world and learning all there is to know about design, blogging and social media. I have run Bloggers Bazaar for the past few years, created my own digital products and run my own creative agency for a while. Such good times and with different seasons (aka more kids) comes new time constraints which means I have to adjust my business to fit my lifestyle and I love having the freedom to do just that. 

So that’s a little about me. Welcome to Bloggers Bazaar. 

Bec Zacher x