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Stand out from the crowd with one of these beautifully designed templates for Blogger.

First impressions count! You only have seconds to make an impact when someone finds their way to your blog so create something that leaves a lasting impression. If you want to save hours scouring the internet trying to find the perfect blog theme, here are some amazing designers who sell pre-made blog designs that are very easy to install so you will have your new blog up and running in no time.

The Blogger templates from these designers range from $5 (Luvly Marketplace & Etsy) through to $80 for some very creative and artistic themes.

Check out my top 4 recommendations in this video –

Premium Blogger Templates

Free Blogger Templates

Looking for a free Blogger template? Here is a collection of theme providers that offer free templates.  They can look great but often do not come with the support that you get with a paid theme package. If you have some knowledge about how to tweak the HTML and CSS code in a template than you should have no problem in personalising a free template. If you are unsure what you are doing and want a semi-customised template I would suggest opting for a paid option or hiring a designer to make changes to your blog template. Lastly, my tip would be to read the reviews and the comments section of the theme and see if there are many issues from other people using the themes.

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Blogger Tutorials

If you are looking at starting a blog or want to tweak the one you have with some great individual features, here are some handy tried and tested tutorials for doing so. These tutorials cover some key areas of customisation to blogs built on the Blogger platform.

If you come across any you think should join the list please let us know. (There are endless ways you can modify the HTML and CSS code if you know what you’re doing. I have just pulled together some of the more popular modifications that people usually start out with).

Learning how to modify the code on your blog can open up a world of possibilities for your design and give you the opportunity to make any change you wish. If you have never played around with HTML or CSS or have no idea what they even stand for then head over here for a little run down to get you started. 

I have tried and tested all of these tutorials below and i have tried to find the most helpful tutorials that offer great information and simple instructions for total beginners.

 *These tutorials and tips are all in relation to blogger and may not work on other blog platforms. They may also not be updated regularly so please let me know if you have issues with any and i will remove it.